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How to Get The Verified Badge On Truecaller

In school, we received gold stars for good work. This was a symbol of accomplishment, and was meant to be seen by those around us. On Truecaller we introduced badges back in 2014, which are not quite as shiny as gold stars, but ideally have the same purpose: credibility. Read on how to find how you can get the verified badge on Truecaller.

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CallHero Joins Truecaller

Today, we are proud to announce that CallHero – The first AI-Powered Digital Assistant App, joins the Truecaller team! CallHero has developed a unique technical solution for both Android and iPhone, which helps users verify and answer calls with the help of a digital assistant, a Smart Agent. For everyone using Truecaller this means that you can now get your own personal assistant that will pick up a call from any unknown number calling you. Read on and we’ll tell you how we came across this service and how you can benefit from it.

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