Security Update Notification

March 28th, 2016
9:00 CET

We recently found a potential issue, and have reacted quickly to fix it. Although we haven’t encountered any suspicious activity, we still need to make sure that we are proactive to protecting and dismantling any potential issues. Below you will find more information.

Has my information been compromised?

No. We recently found an issue where some user defined information can be retrieved or changed without the original user’s consent, if a third person knows the IMEI number of the original person’s device. We’ve quickly taken steps to fix this issue and have released an update which we strongly suggest all users upgrade to.

Has this affected me?

Our constant monitoring indicates that no user information has been compromised.

What steps has Truecaller taken to fix this issue and how can I get the updated version?

The fix is being rolled out to all users, and we are pushing all users to update to the latest version of Truecaller. You will be prompted to update your app automatically, or you can download the latest version from Google Play as soon it’s available.

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