How to Avoid QR Code Scams

We are using QR codes more than ever. From paying for parking, accessing restaurant menus or linking to apps. Unfortunately, as with most technology, it was only a matter of time before scammers got involved. A QR Code scam is a relatively new phenomenon, but there are more and more reports of people falling prey to them. Read on to find out how to spot a QR code scam and how to avoid one.

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This Is How You Can Help Improve Truecaller Smart SMS

Smart SMS is the easiest way to automatically organise your inbox into what’s important and actually what should be considered Spam. It’s also about keeping you focused on the right things, by not sending you notifications for spam messages. But what if there’s more to the story than those two simple definitions? What is considered as important for someone could be considered as Spam for someone else. That is why we need your help to make Smart SMS smarter. You are the backbone of Truecaller, you are a part of the Community. This is how you do it.

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