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Who are India’s True Heroes of 2020?

There are many ways that Indians celebrated the 74th Independence Day this year, despite being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Truecaller decided to reach out to social media to find the true heroes of India – people that have kept the country running by working behind the scenes for their communities. We also scoured social media to find the people we thought deserved praise!

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How India Found Truecaller

The year was 2009 when Truecaller was started in Stockholm, Sweden by two engineering students. Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam created an app to help themselves discover who was calling them. What would later become one of the most famous communication apps in the world, Truecaller spread like wildfire simply through word of mouth – and ended up going viral across the drastically different cultural landscapes of India. 

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6 Women Freedom Fighters of India You Should Know

Before there were influencers, there were changemakers: people with strong ideals and the determination to make them a reality. This Indian Independence Day, Truecaller celebrates Indian women who’ve forged social change, improving lives and strengthening their communities. Let’s remember the women freedom fighters of India’s independence movement and the women leading change in India today. It’s time to #KnowMyName.

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