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New FCC Spam Data Helps Tackle Increasing Spam Calls

Spam calls are becoming an increasing problem in the United States, and they are knocking on our cell phone screens. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), unwanted spam calls and texts are the number one consumer complaint in America. In 2014 alone, the FCC received 215,000 complaints about automated calls. The good news is that the FCC has started releasing these complains for the public.

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Mexican Phone Scam Spotted

Residents in Mexico beware, as even jail cells can't keep prisoners from scamming you! In a recent article by Bloomberg, prisoners are smuggling mobile phones into their cells, scanning public phone books, and making thousands of fraud calls a day to get money. These calls can range from ransom payments for make believe kidnapping or bank deposit to claim prizes that are not real. A successful deception earns an average bounty of 5,000 pesos ($385).

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Best Practices Against Fraud Calls

It is no secret that fraud and spam calls are becoming more frequent problem all around the world. That is why safe guarding your cell phone is just like locking your front door; you decide who to let in. NBC New York has caught on to the 'One Ring Scam' bandwagon, and is highlighting Truecaller as an important app to use against phone scams, and to even help protect others from being victimized as well.

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