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What do the Different Caller ID Screen Colors in Truecaller Mean?

Caller ID is one of Truecaller’s most loved features and has been with us since the launch in 2009. During 2021 alone, we were able to identify 184.5 billion calls and 586 billion messages. When it comes to spam calls we blocked 37.8 billion, and blocked 182 billion spam messages in 2021. But what does it mean if my screen turns purple, green or red when the phone rings? Read on to find out. 

Why do I need to see Different Colors in my Caller ID?

Are you always looking at your phone and the notification sounds it makes? With the different colors you can save precious time. If the screen turns blue, red, green or purple, you’ll make a decision within microseconds whether you should pick up the call or not.

Identified by Truecaller Caller ID

Blue is for Identified by Truecaller

Let’s start from the beginning. When a number is identified by us at Truecaller, your screen turns blue and a name is shown on your screen. This is the easiest way to be in control of your calls, you know who is calling. That way you can choose to take the call or let it ring. If you are lucky the person calling could also be using his or her own version of Video Caller ID, and you can see who is calling you.

Spam Caller ID Truecaller

Red is not for Love, it’s for Spam

A call that is marked as spam will make your screen turn red. This is made possible with the help of the 300 million people strong Truecaller community reporting numbers as spam when actually answering the call. To help you to understand more about the numbers marked as spam look at the spam stats in your Truecaller Android app. The spam stats will tell how many spam reports the number has, as well as what time the spammer usually calls and if the spam reports have increased on that particular number. So if you see your screen turn red, don’t pick up.

Truecaller for Business Caller ID

Green means Business Verified by Truecaller

If your screen turns green, that means a business verified by Truecaller is calling you. This is the easiest way to know that the person on the other side of the call is actually calling you from the company they claim to call from. We call it Truecaller for Business and with this we are making it easier for you to know if a call is from a legitimate business, as well as helping businesses actually reach their customers. Note: Sometimes you might see a verified number marked as spam. This could be because people still find the call not useful and decides to mark it as spam. This is not something we recommend.

Let’s give you an example of that. You recently moved and are looking for new home insurance. A verified insurance business calls you and you are happy about that. At the same time, someone – who does not need new insurance – receives a call from that business and decides to mark it as spam. This could be a dilemma if it wasn’t for that verified business mark.

Verified Business by Truecaller

Purple is Priority Business Calls Verified by Truecaller 

Unknown callers are not something you want to be bothered with when you’re waiting for your food to arrive. But there it is, an unknown call is coming through. You see the entire screen (Full Screen Caller ID ftw) turn purple and you can relax. Your food is here! Do you get it? A purple screen means that it’s a verified priority company calling you. It doesn’t have to be food. It could also be your new TV, a friend sending you flowers, or maybe your kids’ new swing. Purple can be trusted.

You are now all set for a care-free calling experience. All you need to do is to check your screen before picking up the call. Let the colors of the rainbow guide you.

Also, update your Truecaller app! With a community of over 300 million people using Truecaller every month, Truecaller offers a great communication experience.

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