Truecaller’s Covid Healthcare Directory Launches in India

When we launched the COVID-19 healthcare directory for users in India, we wanted it to be a quick way to find hospitals within the Truecaller app, under ‘Covid Relief.’ When the rise in cases escalated, it felt important that Truecaller helped in any way we could. We have now partnered with MapmyIndia and FactChecker to further improve the feature.

We decided to make it as easy as possible for everyone in India to find medical care near them. It can be hard to find the right healthcare numbers when you need it most, so we’ve added it to the app. Thanks to MapmyIndia – the leading location-based IOT platform in India, the feature brings over 60,000 Covid-related points of interest including all vaccination centers across the country, covid designated hospitals, test centers and so on. Users can easily access details and a location map by tapping on the MapmyIndia banner inside Truecaller.

What does the Covid Relief feature do?

The feature includes telephone numbers and addresses of COVID-19 designated hospitals from multiple states across the country. The Covid Relief feature is sourced from official government databases. A search button helps you quickly find the information you need, however it does not mean that hospital beds are available.

Thanks to the team at FactChecker, who is India’s first dedicated fact check initiative, the contact numbers included in Covid Relief are constantly verified. The platform helps people reach out to the right contacts in their hour of need, providing quick relief to patients.    

Here’s how the directory looks in your app. It appear in the main menu or in the top left corner of your dialer (1st screen) . You’ll be able to see hospitals and healthcare providers by each area. 

Covid Relief was launched in April. We have been updating it every day and making sure that as many hospital phone numbers from as many areas in India are available.

To see this feature, Please update the app. The feature is available on Android in India.

This is part of our mission to make your communication safer and more efficient. Follow us on our social channels for more updates, including Truecaller’s Youtube Channel, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.