What Is Search Context, And Why Do I Need It?

Search Context is Truecaller’s latest addition to our Android offering. Simply put, it gives you more information so you can decide whether or not to answer an incoming call.

Search Context gives you more info at your fingertips

Truecaller is the best at identifying spam, and our community of millions of users help each other by identifying and reporting spammers. But we thought, what if we could give you more information than just that?

The result is Search context. We want to help you make better decisions about calls.

The information that you see will help you better understand who you are talking to and what to expect from the call. In the example above, you can see that the percentage of people usually answering calls from that number is suggesting that it could be important. As we expand this feature and find out what you feel is important about the calls you’re getting, we will add more useful info.

For example, Search Context can let you know if the call is likely to be a long one, or from someone you might know, based on the caller’s previous interactions. Also, info such as the likely duration of calls lets you know if it’s a good time to pick it up.

Search Context is currently being rolled out to all our users worldwide.

We created this feature to help you take the right calls, and with your feedback we plan to make it even more accurate and useful. We think this is another step to making your communication safer and more efficient, but what do you think? Let us know on our social channels and download or update the app on the Play Store or Apple Store to see for yourself.