How Truecaller Works with iPhone Clipboard and Search Widgets

Why does Truecaller use your clipboard on iPhone? With iOS 14 about to be released, it’s important to showcase how Truecaller helps search a phone number copied on your iPhone!

How many times have you copied a phone number from a web browser, an app, or even your phonebook to research who it is? Truecaller has two unique features that will help you easily identify a phone number automatically on your iPhone.

Copy to iPhone Clipboard and Search!

If a phone number is copied from a website, email, SMS or wherever, and pasted into Truecaller, the app asks if you want to search the phone number to discover who it is. By selecting yes, the app will search that phone number.

Truecaller only looks for phone numbers, so any other information copied is not considered for a Truecaller search. 

How Truecaller Uses the Clipboard

Truecaller looks at the clipboard only on the device (and text is never sent to our servers). If a number in the clipboard data is not found, the app does nothing with it. Importantly, it’s just the phone number that the app looks for, nothing else. 

Search Widget

Due to technical limitations on iOS, Truecaller is unable to integrate with the phone’s calling system (this is why live Caller ID does not work the same as on Android). However, turn that frown upside down, because the developers at Truecaller came up with different features for quickly identifing a phone number!

After you receive a call, go into your phone app and tap the ‘i’ (information) button of the missed unidentified number. Scroll to the bottom and tap ‘Share Contact’ and select ‘Search Truecaller.’

Ta-da! Truecaller will activate a search for you without opening the app! From there, you can call, SMS or view their profile within Truecaller.

How to Disable Clipboard Search

Starting with iOS 14, if you don’t find this feature useful, you can disable it by going to your Truecaller App > Profile > Settings > Clipboard Search. Unfortunately, if you disable this, the Truecaller widget will stop working since it needs Clipboard access to be set up.

Watch the tutorial for more on the use of clipboard in Truecaller’s iPhone app