7 Cool Things Programmers Have Given the World

Happy Programmers’ Day to all of you digital gurus, code whisperers, and bug crushers out there! At Truecaller, we understand just how amazing programmers are, so we’re giving everyone 7 reasons and 5 ways to celebrate Programmers’ Day.

Today is the 256th (or 28th) day of the year, which probably means something to you if you’re a programmer. If you’re not a programmer, that’s okay — just know that the number 256 is like a secret code among coders (which is easily cracked with a quick Google search 🙃).

Urban Dictionary defines programmer as “an organism capable of converting caffeine into code,” which seems pretty accurate in our office!

Thanks to these highly intelligent, highly caffeinated beings, we have a world full of amazing gadgets and tech that make our lives not only easier, but also a lot more fun.

7+ cool things programmers gave us

1. Um, the Internet. Kinda huge.

2. Hot showers: Most of us can thank a microprocessor in our water heaters for controlling the temperature and water pressure of our showers.

3. Skipping the stairs: Thanks to programmers, we don’t have to walk up 16 flights of stairs to the office. Instead, we can take an elevator whose mini computer understands where to stop, opens the doors automatically, and can sense when a briefcase or elbow is in harm’s way and reacts accordingly (usually).

4. The cloud: Ah, that ubiquitous virtual memory that keeps all of our precious photos, files, and contacts safe. Thank you, programmers!

5. Google search results: What did we do before we could type a few keywords into a search bar and get an instant, relevant, in-depth answer to our arbitrary and embarrassing questions?

6. Video games: Pac-man, FIFA, Fortnite, GTA, World of Warcraft, DOTA, Halo, Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda… ’Nuff said.

7. Pretty much everything: Grace Hopper developed the first compiler in 1952, and compilers basically enable us to enjoy all the wonders of all of the software we use daily — from our desktop operating systems, to phones and tablets and smartwatches, to all of our favorite apps. Programmers, you da best.


How will you celebrate Programmers’ Day? We have a few suggestions.

5 ways to celebrate Programmers’ Day:

1. Master a new (programming) language

2. Use gummy bears and lifesavers candy to write coded messages, then eat the evidence

3. Binge watch Silicon Valley or The IT Crowd — or both!

4. Decorate a tree with zeros and ones to make a binary tree (Thanks for the idea, David Knight!)

5. Have a dance party to this algorhythm!

(Yes, today nodding your head from your desk chair counts as dancing. Yes, we know plenty of programmers like and/or know how to dance 😄)

We’re always on the lookout for talented programmers to join our team, so check out Truecaller’s Careers page to see if there’s something for you! Learn more about the people behind Truecaller and what it’s like to work here on our #BehindtheCode blog series.