Number neighbor text? Here’s how to see who it is.

Did you get a text from your Number Neighbor? Look the number up on Truecaller to be safe before you text back!

What is the Number Neighbor trend?

This is a trend that happened on Twitter in July/August of 2019. It is basically just changing the last digit of your number + or -, and texting that random person by saying “Hello, number neighbor!” This means you only have 2 neighbor numbers in the whole world! Pretty special, right? Well, some people are having fun with it, and some who are not aware of the trend…not so much.

Some people’s neighbor numbers are celebs!

Use Truecaller to identify/block number neighbors

The Number Neighbor challenge is quite innocent, but it’s important to remember that your phone number is a straight line of communication for your personal space. It’s important to know who you are about to text, and who is texting you.

Here is how to stay safe while also enjoying the trend:

  1. Use a number lookup app like Truecaller to identify the number. If you’re on Android, Truecaller automatically identifies the name of unknown text messages if Truecaller is your default texting app.
  2. Block your number neighbors with Truecaller before they text. You can use Truecaller’s advanced blocking features to block the numbers since it’s + or – the last digit of your number.
  3. If your number neighbor does not reply, don’t keep texting them. Respect their decision not to text back.
  4. Be careful about giving away personal information like your last name, address, or personal photos.