Go for the Gold with Truecaller Gold Premium

Truecaller goes gold for Truecaller power users who want to add value to their profile and calling priority. Premium Gold is a brand-new gold themed interface now available in the Truecaller app. 

The key highlight of this exclusive membership is the gold caller ID interface that appears on a receiver’s phone when a Premium Gold member calls, thereby increasing value and credibility of the Premium Gold member. 

Truecaller strives to help you know who is calling, and for those that are working on building their personal brand, this is a great opportunity for influencers, celebrities, and business owners to stand out from the crowd even more in their communication. 

If you get subscription for this paid upgrade, you’ll also get access to Truecaller’s exclusive features like:

  • Gold Caller ID interface 
  • Gold after call screen 
  • Gold detail view 
  • High priority customer support help 
  • Call recorder 
  • Who Viewed My Profile (possible to view in private mode) 
  • Getting rid of ads 
  • Premium Badge beside your profile picture
  • 30 contact requests/month

Become a Premium Gold member or try Truecaller’s basic Premium subscription in your Premium tab of your app!