Get Flash Facts about the 2018 World Cup in Truecaller!

Ever wonder who has received the most red cards in the World Cup?  Or what countries made their World Cup debut this year? Our Truecaller Flash Facts bot will send you trivia so you can impress all your friends with how much you know during this year’s World Cup finals.

Note: This campaign has finished. But you can still have fun with Flash Messaging! Learn how.

How to send a Flash to the World Cup Bot

  • Search for your regional number listed below, and tap the ⚡
  • Send a ❤️ emoji to the Flash bot to receive World Cup trivia

Get started: Copy your regional number, and search in your Truecaller app

India: 8826635274

Nigeria: 08140990099

Egypt: 01212657835

Morocco: 06 99 20 22 26