Truecaller Partners with Monster to Simplify User Registration

Truecaller is used by millions to help identify numbers, but also help create a more credible profile for calling one another. Being able to setup your Truecaller profile with the correct name, and other details will lead to a more accurate information – which in return, can help open the door for new opportunities, or land your potential dream job in the simplest and fastest manner. 


That is why today, Truecaller has partnered with Monster! You can now signup to Monster app with your Truecaller account. This will help onboard new users without going through the hassle of a lengthy verification process. The faster you are verified and registered, the quicker you can start searching and applying to new career opportunities!

Currently this option is available on Monster’s Android app to users across India, South East Asia and the Gulf countries.

To learn more about how your company can have a faster signing in process with TrueSDK, please sign up for one of our upcoming webinars.