True Stories: The Art of Travel Opportunities

Truecaller is like my must have app on any phone I switch to; mainly because I receive several calls every day, and half of them are telemarketers calling me despite my number being on the DND registry.

The block feature is immensely useful, as the call is automatically blocked without my intervention.

It was crucial I took that call

Also, I travel a lot, and roaming charges are insanely expensive! At the same time, I can’t afford to miss important calls from a bank or a key business contact.

For example, I was in an important meeting in Delhi, and suddenly I see a call from the Chinese embassy. Wow! I had a pending visa application with them, and it was crucial I took that call. Had I not seen the name in Truecaller, I would have not even travelled to China! This is only one such instance.

One reason I have not made the iPhone 6S my primary phone is due to the lack of full functionality in iOS for Truecaller. That’s how much I need Truecaller.

Varun Krish
CEO & Founder, Fonearena
Chennai, Tamil Naidu

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