Born in the U.S.A, and working in Sweden!

In spite of the Fourth of July, we decided to sit down with our two American co-workers and pick their brain!


In spite of the Fourth of July, we decided to sit down with our two American co-workers and pick their brain!

Tobias is originally from San Francisco, California and has recently moved from germany to join the Truecaller Team as a Release Manager. Lindsey is also from the West coast of the United States, hailing from Seattle, Washington. She is Truecaller's Community Relations Manager!

What is the most exciting thing about living abroad?
Tobias: Being able to experience a new culture at its roots.

Lindsey: I like being able to know I can be in Italy in 3 hours. It's also always exciting learning how other people have grown up – when it comes down to it, humans have pretty similar familiarities wherever you travel!

How can an American have an influence on working with a tech company in Stockholm, like Truecaller?
Tobias: You bring insight to the company that can only be derived from growing up in The U.S. We see things from the American perspective and this knowledge will be used to improve our product.

Lindsey: In my job, I handle the social media and help a lot with copy writing, so being a native English speaker has its perks. The U.S. is one of the toughest markets to break into from abroad, so hopefully having knowledge of my country will help market towards Americans.


How do you celebrate the 4th of July while abroad?
Tobias: I usually spend my 4th's with other Americans. We'll bring out grill, grab some steaks, and someone will make potato salad.

Lindsey: My mom always sents me a care package filled with American 4th of July stuff. Then, I usually try and make some weird red, white and blue cookie I found on Pinterest. Other than that, if there is no 4th of July party, thou shall become the 4th of July party!

What is your best discovery of food in Stockholm that reminds you of home?
Tobias: Stockholm recently became a big on burgers. The best burger I've had is at Pet Sounds Bar. If you're in town and want a good burger, go there first!

Lindsey: There is nothing like American food, but when abroad, you need to scavenge. There is a burger place called Vigårda that I have discovered. It is really tastey.

Do you need to speak Swedish while working in Stockholm?
Tobias: Not at Truecaller, our office language is English because we have many different nationalities working here. I can see you needing it if you work at a bank or something a bit more corporate.

Lindsey: Truecaller actually offers free Swedish lessons, which is wonderful because they want to help us get around while we live here. But to be honest, everyone here loves speaking English!

How do you survive the dark, cold winters in Sweden?
Tobias: I haven't experienced one yet.

Lindsey: America has blessed Sweden with Netflix.

What is your main advice for any American looking to work or travel abroad?
Tobias: Keep your options open but don't settle. Make sure you are well informed about the cities and countries you are applying in. Read up on housing, neighborhoods, recreational activities done by locals, and you may want to join an expat community. Although English may be spoken widely, integrating can be a difficult process. Finding people that are in the same boat as you can be comforting.

Lindsey: Moving abroad can be a hard decision, but it has been the best decision I have ever made. I have actually grown 'closer' to my family, and realized the things I took for granted while living at home. I think anyone who is looking for a change, an adventure, or about learning how people work in different parts of the world should at least once in their life live abroad.

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