How To Get the Verified Badge

In school, we received gold stars for good merits. This was a symbol of accomplishment, and was meant to be seen by those around us. Truecaller introduces to you badges, which are not quite as shiny as gold stars, but ideally have the same purpose: credibility.


Let’s start with the Verified Badge. When a user sets up their Truecaller profile with their true name, if Truecaller’s intelligent technology agrees with the name, the user will be rewarded with a Verified Badge that is shown on their profile when they call, or with reverse number lookup. This alerts other users that the name shown is a real name. This will increase the trust that ‘you are who you say you are.’ Truecaller is an app to let people know who is trying to get in touch with them; therefore, a real name is important.


The following steps are ways to start the process of getting a name verified. Truecaller has an intelligent technology to determine the true name, and it is up to Truecaller’s technology to trust the name and grant the badge. Please note: Becoming verified is not an immediate process.

How to start the process of becoming verified:

1. iPhone and Android users create their Truecaller profiles with their true names, and seeing if the Truecaller Community technology determines if the name is ‘badge worthy.’ For other users who have added fake names to Truecaller in the past, this is their chance to earn a Verified Badge by changing to their real name.

2. After you have connected your matching accounts, our system needs to triple check with the Truecaller Community to see if there have been past name changes that may require our system to take more time to verify. Please note, that Verified Badges may take time to aquire on your profile.

By having your real name on your Truecaller profile, employers, clients, friends, family and new friends are easily able to identify you when you call, reducing the chances of your call being blocked or unanswered.